SYNLawn Gives Back to Children from La Jungla Community

SYNLawn Team building

Cancun, MX

March 5, 2020

SYNLawn® Gives Back to Children from La Jungla Community During Annual Conference in Cancún

DALTON, GA — SYNLawn®, the largest manufacturer and unrivaled innovator of artificial grass in North America, organized a corporate social responsibility experience for over 250 attendees during the annual conference located at Dreams Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort in Cancún. Prior to the conference, 20 children from local underprivileged families were selected as the recipients of a free day trip to the resort with their parents to enjoy all of the resort amenities, as well as donated supplies and new bicycles that were built by SYNLawn’s distributors during a team-building exercise.

“Corporate social responsibility is important to our company,” said George Neagle, executive vice president at SYNLawn. “While we wanted our distributors to enjoy the luxurious conference location to reward them for their hard work, we also wanted to give back. We invited local children and their families to the resort for a day to enjoy the fun activities, amenities and amazing food with us. As an added bonus, we brought gifts, including children’s bicycles, school supplies and other necessities. It was an incredibly rewarding day for our SYNLawn family.”

SYNLawn divided its conference attendees into 20 bike building teams. Each team had to correctly answer trivia questions about various topics such as sports, music, science and history to receive each of the five parts required to complete the bicycle. This team-building exercise encouraged distributors and vendors to work together to accomplish the task, while also providing an opportunity to give back. Once all of the bikes were built, the children from the La Jungla community joined the group to receive their gifts with big smiles and worked with team members to try out their new wheels.

The teams were comprised of participants from: SYNLawn Canada, SYNLawn Carolina/Southeast, SYNLawn of Central California, SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay, SYNLawn of Chicago, SYNLawn of Colorado, SYNLawn of Costa Rica, SYNLawn Georgia, SYNLawn Idaho, SYNLawn Indiana, SYNLawn Kansas City, SYNLawn Miami, SYNLawn Michigan, SYNLawn of Minnesota, SYNLawn Montana, SYNLawn Nebraska, SYNLawn New England, SYNLawn New Jersey, SYNLawn of New Mexico, SYNLawn New York, SYNLawn of North Dakota, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio, SYNLawn of Northern Nevada, SYNLawn of Ohio Valley, SYNLawn of Oregon, SYNLawn Sacramento, SYNLawn San Diego, SYNLawn Seattle, SYNLawn of South Dakota, SYNLawn of Southern Nevada, SYNLawn of Texas, SYNLawn Pittsburgh and SYNLawn Philadelphia.

“Building the bikes for the children was a heartwarming event,” said Tabitha Cromer, director of marketing at SYNLawn. “It was amazing to see how much our colleagues really cared about helping others, and to witness the joy and tears on their faces when they were able to meet the children in person and help them ride the bikes. It was an experience that none of us will ever forget. It brought our SYNLawn family closer together, and those involved said it was one of the best moments in their career.”

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