Complete Custom
Inlaid Designs
Custom inlaid design projects using SYNLawn artificial grass can really “set off” any turf project. From high-end fashionable landscape designs to the sports logo of your school’s mascot. Using CNC water jets to intricately cut details into synthetic turf for even the most sophisticated design or logo. If you can imagine it, we can fabricate it.
backyard with patterns in the artificial grass and a pool

Custom Design Projects by SYNLawn

The next level of landscape design. This customization of our synthetic turf allows you to make a unique, stand-out, modern design statement. We can custom fabricate any design with 100% precision using any of our turf styles. Truly the possibilities of design expression and branding are endless! IMAGINE the first impression your business or home will make with a custom synthetic turf pattern, design, or logo! Completely unique and show-stopping! Durable and requires zero maintenance. We can help you design and install your turf for a lawn space, playground, sports field, or even a giant wall mural (indoor or outdoor).

the benefits
of pre fab

Fully Customizable

Precisely Cut Waterjets

Less Work

Temporary Installation Options

Custom turf logos on a long lawn
Boys and girls club with children and sponsors
Indoor athletic gym with artificial turf surfacing

Why Custom
Pre-Fab Logos and Designs?

Custom Pre-Fab Designs and Logos using inlaid SYNLawn artificial grass are the perfect addition to any synthetic turf installation. With decades of experience creating custom pre-fab designs for AstroTurf® and the Sports Field industry, our custom shop is now open to handle your pre-fab project. Let our experienced graphic designers and pre fab assembly crews put their collective knowledge to work for your next job. Our Pre Fab Logos include everything from colorful playground designs to full-color logos for government agencies. Ask your local SYNLawn dealer about our Custom Pre-Fab Designs and Logos today.

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These are the best rated products for pre fabrication projects with logos and printing.

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Custom Project
Using our Online Project Wizard Tool, you can map out your custom area by tracing around your project area with maps, or directly entering the square footage of your Custom project.