Artificial Grass Playground Systems In Canada

When it comes to your kids, nothing is more important than their safety. We’ve developed the safest, most consistent playground surface anywhere.

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Play it safe

With safety built in, SYNLawn Canada‘s synthetic playground turf offers parents peace of mind.

We all adore watching our children running, playing, and laughing in the fresh air, but safety is always a concern, even during playtime outside. We know as parents, you choose carefully in terms of the play areas you purchase for your child, and the same amount of thought should be put into the surface that is located beneath that play area.

Although hard or uneven playground surfaces can cause injuries to children when they fall, SYNLawn Playground Systems offer the exact opposite experience. Our synthetic turf playground surfaces are the safest you will find anywhere. Designed for all types of playground equipment, SYNLawn artificial grass protects children from falls as high as 10 feet in accordance with IPEMA standards.

The SYNLawn Playground System is different in that it was created specifically with consistent safety standards in place. In addition, it is built to stand up to heavy foot traffic and harsh weather, as well as to serve as the perfect surface for all types of playground equipment. All of this while at the same time maintaining its beautifully green look and realistically soft feel.

The safety of your children is always our number one priority, but we would be remiss if we didn’t let you know about the additional advantages of choosing a SYNLawn synthetic grass Playground System.

Wide variety

We offer 25+ synthetic turf products that can be used for safe play areas. We also have colors in stock to add a touch of fun and style to playtime.

Safety Built In

Our artificial playground grass installations often come with soft padding underneath. Rigorous activity will not displace this padding.


Our Play Turf can reduce cuts and bruises caused by worn-down playground surfaces if your child should unfortunately fall.

No grass stains

Keep your child’s clothing stain-free at laundry time! You can ensure playtime will provide comfort and not leave any marks.

Superior Drainage

Even the harshest rain storms can’t keep our Play Platinum and Premium turf styles from being immediately ready for play.


SYNLawn Fall Pad™ Underlayment System
SYNLawn Artificial Grass with ‘green’ EnviroLoc+®

Envirofill® Artificial Infill

IPEMA Certification seal

Best Rated Products For Playground Applications

IPEMA has validated SYNLawn’s conformance to IPEMA-prescribed installation methods and standards necessary for our products to meet the ASTM F1292 safety standard. This includes an onsite inspection of the manufacturing process and its quality assurance from IPEMA.

Playground surfacing of artificial grass with a green canopy providing shade


The patter of little feet can cause premature wear in places around the playground equipment. Instead of replacing the entire playground surface this upgrade allows you to only replace areas where it needs it the most. Under swings, around the merry-go-round, beneath the see-saw and the base of a slide are common areas for TrampleZones.

things to consider

The height of the equipment

The areas of high use or Tramplezones™

HIC (Head injury criteria) requirements

The customer’s preference of grass products

The highest possible fall from equipment

Playground atop a dirt mound

Before and After

Synthetic grass offers padding that won’t be displaced in high traffic areas, some with the ability to protect children from falls of up to 10 feet.

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