EnviroLoc+™ Backing System

Truly ‘GREEN’

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SYNLawn products are green on top, in the middle, and even underneath. Beyond the green color SYNLawn products are known for, our turf goes a long way towards responsible environmental sustainability to truly be the greenest turf on earth.

Turf Fibers made for lasting beauty

SYNLawn’s exclusive EnviroLoc+™ Backing System is an environmentally friendly, multi-layer component system that “locks” in durable turf fibers, extending the product’s life cycle. Made in North America, the EnviroLoc+ Backing System replaces a large portion of petroleum-based polymers with biobased polymers created from sustainable resources, including soybean oil from N. American farmers.

CAD rendering of the 2 layers of material within the backing system

Polypropylene and Polyester backing

Created with a durable 2-part woven (Polypropylene and Polyester) backing for a fuller tufted look.

Less fiber loss for a more environmentally responsible approach to synthetic grass.

Reduces algae and fungi growth to help alleviate allergies in the environment.

The long-life expectancy of SYNLawn’s artificial grass reduces the impact on landfills, eliminates emissions from lawn care tools, and saves precious water resources.
Image showing oxygen molecules being consumed by algae

algae and fungi

Algae and Fungi are known health risks that can harm local wildlife and cause toxic runoff water and thrive in warm and wet environments. Algae create dead zones by depleting water of its natural oxygen, which can create unsafe water that wildlife could consume. This is also an expensive and challenging situation to treat the water. With the addition of the Sanitized® hygiene function, SYNLawn’s artificial grass has protection from the formation of fungi and algae. This added protection from Sanitized extends the life of the surface and helps to reduce allergens in the immediate environment.

light reflecting off a dome like structure over turf


Fungi are constantly floating around, everywhere. It’s a common reason for respiratory allergies, similar to pollen and pet dander. It is often costly and time-consuming to remove fungi which is why SYNLawn’s EnviroLoc+ Sanitized coating is an important feature to keep you safe.

Look for the ‘Green’ Backing

Others may try to imitate us (we are flattered), but only SYNLawn artificial grass has the exclusive ‘GREEN’ EnviroLoc+ Backing System using sustainable U.S. grown soybeans. If the backing’s NOT GREEN, it’s NOT SYNLawn. Furthermore, only SYNLawn products have our trademark logo and a unique certification stamped on the back.
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‘Green’ Space

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