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Super Yarn™ Technology is a quantum leap in the advancement of synthetic turf products. SYNLawn’s Super Yarn changes the landscape of the turf industry by binding incredible multiple product features into one unmatched extruded grass yarn formulation.

SYNLawn Super Yarn

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Sanitized Antimicrobial Technology

DualChill IR Reflective Technology

StatBlock Anti-Static Component

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Silver-based technology

Sanitized® silver-based antimicrobial technology helps eliminate pet odors and provides long-lasting protection. It works by eliminating bacterial odors and preventing the buildup of microbes on SYNLawn face fibers.


Thermal shield

DualChill’s ability to act as a thermal shield strengthens the fibers allowing them to be more resilient and durable over long time periods. Test results done on the same fiber package, with and without DualChill™, shows that there is an average of up to 42% improvement in IR reflectivity.

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Anti-static component

New carbon-based anti-static ingredient molecularly bound into the face fiber that inhibits the buildup of static electricity. Anti-static components are used in the industry but SYNLawn brings the first DNA level addition. Testing shows up to a 17x reduction in static levels when StatBlock™ is introduced into the synthetic turf fibers.

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