Artificial Grass Lawn Products for Canadian Homes

No matter how you look at it, maintaining a healthy lawn costs you time and money. SYNLawn’s artificial grass for Lawn and Landscape System gives you the perfect green lawn you’ve always wanted and keeps a little green in your wallet.
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Lawn & Landscape Products

Our SYNLawn artificial landscape turf is designed to save money and give Canadians more free time to enjoy all the things we love to do.

Few companies can claim that their products actually pay for themselves over time. SYNLawn is one company that can say it and mean it. Think of the ever-increasing costs of watering your lawn and purchasing fuel for your landscape maintenance equipment. With an achievable and realistic “Return On Investment” (ROI) on your installation, our landscape grass products allow you to eliminate those costs, which consistently puts money back into your pocket. You may even be entitled to receive money back from your local water authority. While you save, you’ll also enjoy a stunning synthetic grass installation that maintains its aesthetic perfection year-round.
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Did you know that watering your lawn is responsible for between 50-70% of your monthly water bill? Think of the additional costs associated with keeping your lawn looking its best. Be it fuel for your lawn equipment or numerous fertilizers and weed killers, these extra expenses quickly add up over time. 

The beauty of the SYNLawn Landscape System is that it is designed to give you the perfect lawn while also saving you money and providing more free-time to enjoy your life. It really is possible to have the best of both worlds when you install synthetic grass around your property.

Home with pool and artificial grass lawn overlooking a valley
Backyard with artificial grass and a wooden fence

The Complete Package

We tailor your installation to your vision of the picture perfect lawn. We handle all the heavy lifting to create natural transitions between our grass and the natural surroundings of your landscape.

Natural Landscape

While the grass may be fake, it doesn’t mean your landscape is plastic. Our plant-based products when complimented with trees and indigenous plants enhance the overall natural landscape aesthetics.

Irrigation Control

While your SYNLawn doesn’t require water, the plants and trees still do. During installation, we cap the irrigation lines under the turf and re-route sprinklers and drip lines to the plants that need water.

Tree Mounds

Our artificial grass comes with plenty of drainage, however, we want your trees to grow unrestricted. We cut around the base of the tree to aid in proper irrigation and prevent root rot.

Designed for landscapes, not football fields

Wide angle photo of a large backyard with putting greens and artificial grass
Artificial grass is widely known for its use in stadium sports fields. Our sister company AstroTurf® handles field turf needs for the sports world, while SYNLawn focuses on the residential and commercial lawn and landscape applications.
A professionally installed landscape by SYNLawn is so realistic, so unbelievably natural; you won’t be able to tell it’s synthetic grass … even when you’re standing on it.
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Using our Online Project Wizard you can map out your custom area by trace around your project area with maps or using square footage. It’s easy and precise.