Renewable. Sustainable.


SYNLawn Canada‘s artificial grass is always  green

SYNLawn Canada‘s superlative artificial grass products are completely green – on top, in the middle, and even the layer underneath! Beyond the turf’s realistic hue, SYNLawn is proud to promote environmental sustainability in its installations, which is what truly makes our product “green,” both in color as well as concept. We take steps to design products that decrease your carbon footprint and help curb water consumption, and we use recycled materials in the manufacturing process.
Water Efficient

substantially eliminate your water consumption!

Although 70% of the Earth’s surface is made of water, less than 1% of this is actually freshwater that is fit for human consumption. In effect, the water homeowners employ for residential use comes directly from that 1% of available freshwater. When you consider the fact that the majority of household water consumption in the U.S. is used for outdoor irrigation (between 50-70%), you begin to wonder how the general public can do more to promote a more water-efficient mindset.

As you can probably tell, these staggering figures highlight the tremendous burden we all put on the world’s freshwater supply just to keep our lawns looking continuously green and pristine. However, what can we collectively do to alter our behavior and make a genuine difference? One of the most effective ways to change is to swap real grass for its artificial counterpart; with a SYNLawn Canada synthetic lawn installation, you can substantially eliminate your water consumption!


Green Building & LEED Certification

SYNLawn faux grasses help environmentally mindful landscape designers with LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project certification from the Green Building Council, and builders who use SYNLawn® with EnviroLoc+™ can contribute LEED® points in relation to Water Efficient Landscaping, Recycled Content, using Rapidly Renewable Resources (soy), and Innovation in Design.
Manufactured with
renewable resources
SYNLawn Canada‘s artificial turf products feature our exclusive EnviroLoc+™ Backing System, which is engineered to increase environmental sustainability. The primary backing of this Backing System helps extend the lifespan of the grass by using less material than other traditional artificial lawn products on the market. The secondary backing incorporates an environmentally-sensitive polyurethane that replaces a large portion of the petroleum-based polymers with soybean oil, a renewable resource.
Water Efficiency
Leed® Points
Category Characteristic Point Value
WE 1.1 Water Efficient Landscaping Reduce by 50% Requires no water 1 point
WE 1.2 Water Efficient Landscaping No Water Use Requires no water 1 point in addition to WE 1.1
Recycled and
Renewable Content
Leed® Points
Category Characteristic Point Value
MR 4.1 Recycled Content: 10% Utilizes post consumer waste 1 point
MR 4.2 Recycled Content: 20% Utilizes post consumer waste 1 point in addition to MR 4.1
MR 6.0 Rapidly Renewable Material Utilizes poly-oils in backing material 1 point
ID 1.0-1.4 Innovation in Design Unconventional material application 1 to 4 points