SYNLawn unveils Super Yarn™

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Dalton, GA

April 23, 2020

SYNLawn® Unveils Innovative Super Yarn™ Technology

DALTON, GA, (April 22, 2020) — SYNLawn®, the largest manufacturer and unrivaled innovator of artificial grass in North America, announced it is leading the industry with the development of innovative technology for artificial turf, which will set its products apart from the competition. Its new line of products are made with Super Yarn™ technology, which makes it the most advanced artificial grass fiber produced and presented to the market. Super Yarn offers unique additives including Sanitized® Antimicrobial, DualChill® IR Reflective (IR) and StatBlock® Anti-Static.

“Super Yarn offers the cleanest and safest turf with its ground-breaking technology,” said George Neagle, Executive Vice President at SYNLawn. “We are proud of our unmatched leadership in the industry. SYNLawn has changed the perception with our artificial turf with the most realistic and plant-based artificial grass. We are excited to advance the industry again with Super Yarn.”

In a marketplace increasingly crowded with undifferentiated products, SYNLawn strives to provide real value to its clients. Super Yarn has been incorporated into key selling styles including a USDA bio-preferred selection.

  • Sanitized® Antimicrobial includes an anti-microbial additive introduced into the masterbatch process, which works by eliminating bacterial odors and preventing microbial growth on SYNLawn face fibers. This technology has been around for centuries, so it’s dependable and safe for consumers safe consumers and the environment. When used in tandem with SYNLawn’s EnviroFill, it adds an extra layer of anti-microbial protection. This additive is a useful addition to SYNLawn’s newest products related to the pet and playground categories. It gives consumers peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to worry about bacterial odors from the face fiber.
  • DualChill® IR Reflective acts as a thermal shield dramatically reducing infrared reflectivity which can break down fibers. SYNLawn introduced the DualChill additive which resulted in 42 percent increased IR reflectivity. This result means that SYNLawn fibers will now have increased durability and tolerance to wear. Infrared light is absorbed into the average turf fiber weakening the product over time whereas DualChill mitigates that problem by reflecting the light. Combined with temperature-reducing infills, SYNLawn products are now stronger & cooler than ever.
  • StatBlock® Anti-Static is a new carbon-based anti-static ingredient that is molecularly bound into the face fiber to inhibit the buildup of static electricity. SYNLawn is the only company in the industry to add this type of technology at a molecular level. While none of our products produce static electricity, this component can help eliminate the transmission of static electricity from items such as playground equipment or metals fixtures. While static incidents are low and more of a nuisance, SYNLawn recognizes the value of limiting static discharge on surfaces like playground equipment or metals fixtures. SYNLawn opted to use StatBlock on turf styles popular with playgrounds, pets and public spaces.

For more information about the newest line of products made with Super Yarn technology, watch this video on the SYNLawn YouTube channel and visit

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