SYNLawn Announces Unprecedented Manufacturing Power

image of synlawn artificial grass

Dalton, GA

September 5, 2017

SYNLawn, the country’s largest artificial grass manufacturer, makes an industry-first move for ultimate manufacturing cost and quality control

DALTON, GA — In a bold, aggressive move in the synthetic turf industry, SYNLawn, the world’s long-standing powerhouse artificial grass manufacturer, merged all of its manufacturing machinery under one physical roof in Dalton, Georgia.

This first-of-its-kind move puts SYNLawn   affiliate company AstroTurf in a class of one, giving the industry giant ultimate control over cost, quality and customization all while dwarfing the competition’s output with lightning fast production capabilities.

“This move will bring all of the operations required to produce synthetic turf under one roof,” said AstroTurf CEO Heard Smith. “We’re going to significantly reduce transportation costs and waste while improving the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing processes.”

The approximately 375,000-square-foot manufacturing center, roughly the size of seven football fields, was completed in June giving the company the push it needed for a record-breaking July 2017 production rate.

image of synlawn manufacturing facility
image of synlawn manufacturing facility
image of synlawn manufacturing facility

“SYNLawn continues to innovate in an industry full of imitation.” ~ George Neagle, VP Sales & Marketing

“It’s important to note that the new SYNLawn facility handles every aspect of artificial grass production,” said George Neagle, VP of Sales   Marketing SYNLawn. “We are able to create an in-house custom-color yarn with our own MasterBatch color system, then, extrude the yarn, twist, tuft and coat all in the same building.”

This latest development comes on the heels of other industry firsts by SYNLawn. SYNLawn was the first and is the only manufacturer of an artificial grass with a plant-based backing as well as the first and only manufacturer to extrude yarn from sugar cane polymers.

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