Environmentally Friendly Artificial Grass With Plant-Based Soy Beans

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April 23, 2019

Fossil Free & Me — How Plant-Based Artificial Grass Helps You and the Environment

Environmentally friendly artificial grass (bio-based) is the latest addition to products working to lessen carbon emissions, and homeowners are loving this environmentally friendly addition to their yards. The fact that it requires practically no upkeep is just an added bonus when considering how much synthetic turf improves the appearance of lawns. All of our products at SNYLawn® are plant-based and completely recyclable, as we work hard to offer our customers options that not only benefit them but also our planet as well.

Conserves Water

Keeping the sprinklers on for hours on end is no longer necessary to keep a lush, green lawn. Synthetic grass stays green all year long and eliminates the task of watering the yard. Not only will this save money on water bills, but conserving water is an essential part of living in many areas of North America. Artificial turf allows homeowners to use less water without sacrificing the appearance of their lawns.

Reduces Carbon Emissions – Environmentally Friendly Artificial Grass

Most pieces of lawn equipment cause carbon emissions that significantly impact climate change. When homeowners opt for one of our USDA-certified fake grass products, they’re not using these tools as often or at all. Skipping out on lawn mowers, trimmers, and leaf blowers reduce our carbon footprint and are in-line with the fossil free movement.

Fewer Petroleum-Based Polymers

SYNLawn uses an exclusive EnviroLoc Backing System that replaces up to 60 percent of petroleum-based polymers with plant-based materials such as soybean oil and sugarcane. Using renewable resources during the manufacturing process allows for our products to be 100 percent recyclable at the end of their life cycle, yet our multilayer systems lock in durable turf fibers that significantly extend the life of our products. This system includes two woven layers with a polypropylene fiber layer in the middle and serves as the primary backing of our synthetic grass products. Combined, our unique system of layers prevent grass shedding over time and work to conserve Earth’s natural resources.

At SYNLawn, all of our USDA-preferred artificial grass products are designed to reduce carbon footprints and keep lawns looking healthy all year round. Learn more about our synthetic turf and lifetime warranty by visiting.

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