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chafer grub solution


July 9, 2015

Chafer grubs

Chafer grubs

Vancouver, BC – Lawns across Vancouver are becoming lunch for a hungry pest. The invasive European Chafer beetle was unknowingly brought over in a crate of flowers from Europe and has now spread rapidly across Canada, tearing up gardens and turf. “This is old news to most homeowners – chafers have been with us for the past 14 years – but there are still many people who apparently do not know what is going on,” wrote the Vancouver Sun in a recent blog.

Chafer beetle grubs feed on the roots of all types of plants, including the roots of turf and grass, leaving massive destruction in their wake despite their small size. Because of their short life span, they reproduce rapidly and can spread from lawn to lawn. Raccoons, birds and skunks amplify the damage by further digging up the grass in search of Chafer grubs.

Since pesticides are not an option for the environmentally conscious, finding an all-natural solution for the infestation has proved impossible for local authorities. According to the Vancouver Sun, “Insecticides are ineffective. They are also banned by most municipalities and landscapers won’t use stronger pesticides because they are only of short-term value and their risks to pets and children are unpredictable”. Proper lawn care is only a preventative effort that can build stronger roots to withstand the grubs and nematode applications have to be applied at precisely the right time of summer and have varied effectiveness.

The best long-term solution is to have an expert remove all the contaminated soil and replace it with an environmentally friendly artificial turf that does not require heavy watering or pesticides.

“Not only can SYNLawn permanently solve your chafer beetle infestation, we can also provide a realistic alternative that looks and feels like grass,” said Chris Berry with SYNLawn Vancouver. “It offers significant utility and maintenance bill savings, meets and exceeds all safety standards and most importantly allows you the venue and time to spend with friends and family.”

All of SYNLawn’s grass products are 100% recyclable and completely safe for family members and pets alike to relax and play on. SYNLawn provides not only a permanent Chafer solution but also a lifestyle solution. As Wendy MacKay with SYNLawn Vancouver said, “This is the best and most permanent solution for keeping our city looking green, yards beautiful and natural looking, and saves water and helps our environment.”

Sounds like SYNLawn will be keeping Vancouver green in more ways than one.


lawn before chafer beetles


chafer grub solution

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