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Fire Safety Benefits of SYNLawn Artificial Grass

The threat of fire is a concern for homeowners and businesses alike.

When grass dies it becomes more flammable and a greater fire risk.

SYNLawn is committed to developing turf products that may help prevent the spread of fire – and provide an invaluable window of time between the outbreak of the fire and the arrival of first responders – a critical timeframe in which damage can be minimized, and potentially lives saved. We have eight ASTM-certified E108 styles, and all of our products can help slow the spread of a fire in some way.

These products have financial as well as safety benefits. For instance, if you live in a fire-prone area you could possibly see a reduction in your insurance cost. Infill is applied to protect the turf fibers, but they could also act as a fire suppressant. We conduct regular testing to ensure that our products do exactly what they are designed to do.

To learn more about our fire-related products, contact your local SYNLawn provider today.

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