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bio based
artificial grass

The only USDA Certified Turf

SYNLawn boasts the only USDA Certified variety of artificial grass plus combinations of synthetic turf with organic infill systems able to display a unique USDA label highlighting its percentage of biobased content.

Plant Based

Up to 80% renewable content using plant-based SYNLawn artificial grass with EnviroLoc+ backing and renewable infill.

USDA BIO Preferred

SYNLawn is part of a USDA initiative to increase the development, purchase and use of bio-based products.

Sustainable GREEN

With an increasing demand for Earth-friendly green building materials, the synthetic turf industry is exploding with opportunity.

Synlawn’s Sustainability

We Help Save
A lot more
than water

As the largest manufacturer of synthetic grass on the planet, we feel it’s our duty to help take care of the planet. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to make SYNLawn synthetic grass the safest, cleanest, greenest, most environmentally sustainable grass on earth. And it’s also why we control every phase of the process, from step one to when you finally step on our grass.

Man with synlawn shirt watching turf go through a roller

Made in
the USA

All SYNLawn products come from our fully integrated, ISO 9001 Certified 400,000 sf design and manufacturing facility located in Dalton, Georgia USA.

Supporting American
farmers and the planet

If you turn a piece of our turf over, you’ll see that our product is backed up by a lot of good thinking. Our exclusive EnviroLoc+™ backing locks the blades in place and produces long-term durability that’s higher than industry standards. But what’s even more important is what it’s made from. Since 2008, we’ve used soybeans to create our EnviroLoc+™ backing, replacing up to 60% of petroleum-based materials. Besides using a naturally grown, sustainable material to help reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we’re proud to support American farms by using their soybeans.
Man standing with hands at hips looking out to a field of crops
Team of workers in front of a USDA turf

every piece of grass is also an amazing piece of technology

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was founded in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln, and today is the federal agency which proposes programs and implements policies and regulations related to American farming, forestry, ranching, food quality, and nutrition. The agency has granted SYNLawn the esteemed designation of being a Bio-Preferred provider of Certified Biobased artificial grass products and installation systems.

As part of SYNLawn’s leadership role as the World’s safest, cleanest and ‘greenest’ turf manufacturer the company has taken measurable steps to reduce their overall carbon footprint by developing innovative ways to use renewable resources. One of the major components in SYNLawn’s turf products is the use of sustainable Soybeans grown by U.S. Farmers to replace traditional virgin polyols in their exclusive EnviroLoc™ backing.



How much EnviroLoc+ backing is made each year?

More than ten million square feet of EnviroLoc™ backing is produced by SYNLawn each year.

What percent of artificial grass is soy content?
Our exclusive EnviroLoc+ Backing Technology replaces up to 60% of traditional polyurethane with polyols from American grown soybeans. Overall, our USDA Certified turf products are certified as 19% for product alone and up to 80% when using renewable infill as part of the installation system.
Are there any PFAS or other harmful ingredients?
Absolutely not. SYNLawn takes great strides to ensure the safety of our artificial grass products. We continually use 3rd party testing to ensure we continue to produce “The Greenest Turf on Earth”.
How much water is used for outdoor irrigation?
It is estimated that homeowners use approximately 50-70% of their personal water consumption on the upkeep of their lawns. With water-free artificial grass, that need can be eliminated.
How long has SYNLawn worked with the USDA?
SYNLawn was the first artificial grass manufacturer to receive USDA Certification for our SYNAugustine 547 style in September 2020.
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