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With safety built in, SYNLawn Canada’s synthetic playground turf offers parents peace of mind.

We all adore watching our children excitedly playing, running and laughing in the fresh air, but safety is always a concern, even during playtime outside. We know that as a parent you choose carefully in terms of the play areas you purchase for your child, and the same amount of thought should be put into the surface that is located beneath that play area.

Although hard or uneven playground surfaces can cause injuries to children when they fall, SYNLawn Playground Systems offer the exact opposite experience. Our synthetic turf playground surfaces are the safest you will find anywhere. Designed for all types of playground equipment, SYNLawn artificial grass protects children from falls as high as 10 feet, in accordance with IPEMA standards.

Features Overview

The public playgrounds that children visit are made from a variety of different surfaces. These surfaces, constructed from materials such as mulch, pea gravel, rubber or sand, all have one thing in common – none of them can come close to offering what the SYNLawn Playground System can, especially in terms of long-term safety surfacing.

Think about the heavy foot traffic that these surfaces typically endure day after day. They wear down over time, exposing the hard ground beneath, and also increasing the likelihood of injury should a child fall. Even rubber surfaces, which don’t wear down in the same fashion as mulch or pea gravel, have their own problems. During the summer they absorb heat, and in the winter months they can become hard and brittle, which compromises their ability to protect children.

The SYNLawn Playground System is different in that it was created specifically with consistent safety standards in place. In addition, it is built to stand up to heavy foot traffic and harsh weather, as well as to serve as the perfect surface for all types of playground equipment. All of this while at the same time maintaining its beautifully green look, and realistically soft feel.

The safety of your children is always our number one priority, but we would be remiss if we didn’t let you know about the additional advantages of choosing a SYNLawn synthetic grass Playground System.

Wide variety of Artificial Turf Products

We offer 25 different synthetic turf products, all of which can be used for play areas.

Safety Built In

Each of our artificial grass installations comes with soft padding underneath. This means that even the most rigorous activity will not displace this padding, which can help prevent injuries caused by falls.


SYNLawn synthetic grass is as just soft as the real thing, which can help to eliminate cuts and bruises caused by worn down playground surfaces if your child should unfortunately fall.

No Grass Stains

Keep your child’s clothing stain-free at laundry time!


Break free of the pesky allergens found in natural grass and keep your kids healthy and allergy-free.

Superior Drainage

With a drainage rate of 6″ an hour, even the harshest rain storms can’t keep our surfaces from being immediately ready for play.

Stable in All Climates

SYNLawn synthetic grass offers the same great protection no matter the time of year.

ASTM Tested

ASTM GMax and HIC tested and approved.

Easily Replaceable TrampleZones™

High-traffic zones can be easily replaced without having to touch the rest of the playground area.

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