EnviroLoc™ Backing System

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SYNLawn’s exclusive EnviroLoc™ Backing technology ‘Locks In’ turf fibers for lasting beauty and long life-spans.

SYNLawn Canada’s Enviroloc™ Backing System provides durable and long-lasting synthetic turf.

closeup image of synlawn enviroloc backing systemSYNLawn products are green through and through, and we’re not merely talking about their color. We have long been committed to creating products that are truly “green” in terms of their environmental sustainability. This fact can benefit you in many ways.

All of our products are bio-based and 100% recyclable because they are created using renewable and fully recyclable materials. Because it requires no watering or mowing, a SYNLawn synthetic turf installation can help you conserve water while also completely eliminating the emissions released by lawn equipment.

The durability of our artificial grass landscape products, which are made in the USA, adds greatly to their life expectancy. Our exclusive Enviroloc™ Backing System has an enhanced multi-layer component system that locks in durable fibers. This extends the life cycle of your turf, which is great news from an environmental standpoint given that it lowers the impact on landfills.

Part of the genius of our Enviroloc Backing Systems can be found in its plant-based technology. This technology uses renewable bio-based polymers created from soybean plants in place of a large portion of traditional petroleum-based polymers.

Enviroloc’s primary backing is actually two layers of woven backing stitched together with a layer of polypropylene fiber in the middle. As a result, you will experience less shedding of fibers while achieving the goal of installing a synthetic grass product that is built to last and created in an environmentally responsible way.

Environmentally conscious builders can also benefit from the fact that our products are water efficient and are made from recycled and renewable materials. This means that the use of SYNLawn synthetic grass can actually contribute points to LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project certification.

SYNLawn is green on top, in the middle and even underneath. Beyond the color, SYNLawn goes a long way towards environmental sustainability, taking measurable steps to be truly “green”.

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