NEW The first artificial landscape grass produced using SUGARCANE, a 100% renewable resource. A product that not only looks and feels like natural grass but makes a significant contribution reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Only available from SYNLawn.

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USDA certified bio based product logo Combining innovation, technology and sustainability, SYNRenew is the first artificial grass of its kind. Made using SUGARCANE (ethanol), a 100% renewable resource, which makes positive contributions to the environment and your own carbon footprint. This revolutionary, BIOBASED product not only has a super realistic appearance but is surprisingly soft to the touch as well. Recommended for light-medium foot traffic areas and recommended for residential lawns, commercial landscapes and water-saturated and shady problem areas. The same quality, the same price, no compromises. This is the safest, most eco-friendly artificial grass available, and it’s ONLY from SYNLawn.

Product Features

plant based aritifical grass
synlawn limited lifetime warranty

Environmentally Friendly
SYNLawn’s backing system replaces up to 60% of petroleum based polyol with renewable soybeans for superior strength, dimensional stability and a responsible contribution to environmental sustainability.
No black rubber crumb
Requires only minimal high-performance acrylic infill for ballast significantly reducing maintenance.
Polypropylene thatch for resiliency and support combined with polyethylene monofilament long blades for soft feel.
Recommended for
Light-medium foot traffic, including residential lawns, commercial landscapes and water-saturated and shady problem areas.

* Limited lifetime warranty applies to product only, conditions apply. Please contact your local SYNLawn dealer for more information.

Foot Traffic & Resiliency


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