SYNLawn makes wishes come true

image of vinnie on swing setIt’s not every day that artificial grass can change someone’s life. But this past Saturday, Vinnie’s life was changed with some help from the Make a Wish of Southern Nevada, SYNLawn and a number of other Southern Nevada participants who assisted in making #VinniesWish come true.

For Vinnie, who was a stroke survivor at birth and battling cerebral palsy ever since, his backyard is his sanctuary. His wish was to have his backyard turned into a place where he could swim and play every day.

SYNLawn and SYNLawn of Southern Nevada heard the story and wanted to help. We wanted to provide a complete backyard for Vinnie and his family that was low-maintenance so they could focus on more important things. This SYNLawn installation is going to take care of the need for ongoing maintenance, but it doesn’t require water and also provides fall protection under their fabulous new play structure. Not only does Vinnie now have a wonderful yard to play on year round, it reduces added work and stress on the whole family, which was also our focus.

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