Pet Turf: 5 Ways to Use It in Your Commercial Pet Areas

Find out where and why commercial pet facilities are using artificial grass.

If you run a busy commercial pet facility, then consider installing pet turf to improve your operations and attract more clients. Not only will it help boost your business’ aesthetic appeal, but it also offers benefits that will be approved by pet parents.

1. Pet Boarding and Daycare Facilities

image of a dog on artificial grass

Wag Zone Urban Dog Retreat in North Vancouver, B.C., is a full-service pet boarding and daycare facility. It features a fully fenced play yard with 4,400 square feet of our SYNRye 251 and includes play structures that are designed just for dogs.

Pet boarding facilities and dog daycare facilities may be able to take care of a large number of pooches in a day. But with artificial grass for dogs, your nose would never know it! Synthetic turf will keep your indoor or outdoor area from looking like a lawn full of brown spots. Everyone will enjoy green grass all year no matter how many pups romp around on your synthetic turf. SYNLawn installers also add organic odor-absorbing crystals that are 100-percent natural and environmentally safe in order to help eliminate smells.

2. Dog Pools at Pet Resorts

image of dogs swimming in a pool

Holiday Barn Pet Resorts in Richmond, Va., installed more than 15,600 square feet of SYNTipede 214, including around the dog pool.

If you own a pet resort, chances are you offer a wide range of services to cater to the unique needs of your pet clients. Swim services may be one way you’re setting yourself apart from the competition, but did you know that saltwater and chlorine wreak havoc on grass? Installing artificial pet turf around the pool area helps you avoid a maintenance nightmare because it keeps the grass green, the dogs clean and the water from becoming a muddy mess. It’s also an ideal surface to use for bath time.

3. Non-Profit Organizations

image of a dog pen at a non-profit organization

In 2011, the Ottawa Human Society (OHS) installed 6,000 square feet of a knitted nylon SYNLawn product. The non-profit organization in Ottawa, Ont., features several outdoor dog pens for the more than 10,000 animals that come to the OHS each year.

Many non-profit organizations have a dedicated area for their animals. If you live in an area with wild weather, then don’t worry about your outdoor spaces like dog pens or dog runs. Water, or any other kind of liquid, drains through our artificial turf for pets at a rate of 30-inches+ per hour. This means that dogs big and small will be able to play outside even after a storm.

4. Municipal Dog Parks

image of a large waterfront dog park in Miami

Local dog owners and residents from nearby high rises can bring their pets to the recent Miami dog park at Margaret Pace Park. It features 20,000 square feet of SYNLawn Pet Premium.

City officials know that dog parks are a great place to let your furry friend run free. When planning a municipal project, many are looking to get the most bang for their budget. Offering a 15-year warranty like SYNLawn does is often an appealing selling point because they won’t have to replace their artificial turf for dogs for years.

5. Pet Areas at Apartment Complexes

image of a pet turf area at an apartment complex

The Towson Promenade Apartments in Towson, Maryland includes a 450-square-foot dog park using our SYNTipede 214.

If you manage a pet-friendly apartment complex, then you likely have a place for a pet area, dog run or dog park. No matter if you house hundreds or thousands of residents, you can keep your pet owners as well as your staff members satisfied by installing pet-friendly turf. In the long run, it will help you cut down on maintenance costs because dogs won’t be tracing their muddy paws throughout the building grounds and apartment units.

We know that every commercial pet facility has different needs, which is why our SYNLawn Pet Systems are customized to match your specific requirements. To see additional pet areas we’ve worked on, check out our commercial resume. If you want to learn more about the ways you can implement pet turf into your commercial pet area, then contact your local SYNLawn distributor.

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