Commercial application products

SYNLawn Canada’s commercial applications are superior to natural grass in almost every way!

For a stunningly green and lush commercial landscaping application, you simply cannot improve on SYNLawn® artificial grass products. Installing synthetic turf eliminates the backbreaking hassle associated with tiresome maintenance work, as well as helping to reduce your overall water consumption. SYNLawn Canada’s faux lawns can also help contribute towards a U.S. Green Build Council’s LEED® certification. Numerous commercial applications feature manmade grass applications, including business complexes, street walkways, communal parks, public rooftop areas, and facility landscape areas.

Commercial Synthetic Lawn Features

SYNLawn® is the ultimate choice for many types of commercial landscaping applications. Not only does imitation grass look and feel just like the real thing, but it is also good for the environment and helps encourage a greener look while simultaneously decreasing maintenance costs that typically plague landscapes that are made from natural turf. After all, the constant expense associated with the upkeep of real grass normally constitutes frequent lawn mowing, watering, reseeding and edging, which on average can cost thousands of dollars every year for many commercial outlets.

In addition, that dollar amount figure doesn’t even factor in the cost of fertilizing, as well as the use of potentially harmful chemical products, such as insecticides and pesticides that may find their way into the local water supply. Furthermore, the majority of commercial properties tend to suffer from significant expenses related to costly irrigation processes. However, thanks to the introduction of SYNLawn artificial grass products, these troublesome – and expensive – factors become a thing of the past!

SYNLawn Canada’s artificial turf can be installed virtually everywhere, which is another reason why so many commercial properties feature our superlative turf products. This includes shopping centers, nursery schools, office complexes, rooftop bars, public parks, school playgrounds, military bases and airports. Aside from the decrease in expenditure, SYNLawn artificial lawns are found in many locations where natural grass simply will not thrive, such as areas where it is difficult to water the grass due to limited access, or where high amounts of foot traffic or shaded areas continuously prohibit growth. The lawn may be fake, but the savings are real!

Commercial applications benefits

Decreased maintenance costs

Significantly reduces the majority of natural lawn care expenses, as well as saving time and effort in the long run. The average return on investment is typically between three to four years, depending on the type of turf that is installed, the size of the area, and so on.

Healthy green appearance every day

With SYNLawn artificial turf, you get a healthy looking lawn every day of the year, regardless of adverse weather conditions or changes in temperature.

Limitless design possibilities

SYNLawn lawns can be installed in numerous places that real grass may not be found, such as in offices, on rooftops, or in areas that feature substantial amounts of shade. Furthermore, unlike natural grass, SYNLawn faux grass does not need to regrow after heavy use.

Full Library of Specifications and Tests

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Best Rated Products For Commercial Applications

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