What is SYNLawn?

image of dog playing on synlawn artificial grassSYNLawn is more than just a well-known and widely respected brand name in the artificial grass industry. We are a company whose origins producing synthetic grass solutions date back to 1964. The five decades since have been a time of innovation, research and development for our artificial turf products, which were first introduced to the Canadian market in 2005. The reception SYNLawn received in Canada was, and continues to be, exceedingly positive, and our network of distributors continues to grow our product line in every corner of this great country.

The technologically advanced nature of our synthetic landscape and golf turf products are what set them apart in terms of look, feel, durability and more. We enjoy the process of explaining what has gone into the creation of our artificial grass solutions to our customers, and would love to share why they would be right for you.

We are committed to a collaborative relationship that keeps you excited, inspired and informed, and puts your vision front and center in the design and installation process.

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