SYNLawn Nylon Advantage

It simply looks better, longer.

Few materials are stronger or more resilient than nylon fiber, which is why it is such a vital component of SYNLawn’s synthetic turf solutions. Many of the artificial grass products offered in our industry are made from polyethylene and polypropylene. Our nylon turf fibers, on the other hand, dramatically outperform these other options, leading to faux grass products that maintain their pristine look and feel over a longer period of time, with less maintenance than comparable products.

Many products we come across in our everyday lives are made from nylon precisely because of its strength. High-end carpets rely on the resiliency of nylon to maintain their original condition, and everything from toothbrushes and fishing lines to car parts, tires, certain forms of clothing and more rely on nylon for the same reasons we do. The same cannot be said for polyethylene and polypropylene, which is why nylon is SYNLawn’s fiber of choice for high-end commercial projects and residential properties alike.

What you are ultimately looking for from your synthetic landscape turf is a solid return on your investment. This requires a product that is built to stand the test of time. Our nylon fiber offers you more because we make it. Our commitment to researching, developing, and improving upon, all of the materials we use in our synthetic grass allows us a level of quality control not often found in our industry. For example, our research and development team is behind technological advancements in yarn intrusion, thatch texturizing, and overall product construction. Creating and innovating from the ground up is what has allowed SYNLawn to consistently offer the industry’s most realistic and durable synthetic grass solutions.

forty percent more resilientCrush resistance

Nylon is 22% more resilient than polypropylene and 40% more resilient than polyethylene.

Longer wear

SYNLawn® nylon does not break down as quickly from foot traffic or general wear as other types of synthetic turf fibers.

thirty-three percent strongerEnduring strength

Nylon is 26% stronger than polypropylene and 33% stronger than polyethylene.

Low Environmental Impact

Nylon based products have a longer life cycle reducing the need to replace or recycle as often as polyethylene and polypropylene products.

Warranties up to 15 yearsBetter Warranty

SYNLawn® manufacturer back warranty up to 15 years* for nylon products.

We make what we sell

SYNLawn® manufactures, extrudes and texturizes all its nylon fibers to ensure quality and continued innovation.

one-hundred percent Lead Safe ProductLead safe

SYNLawn® synthetic grass produced with nylon is as safe as the water you drink. Our manufacturing process has zero intentional lead added which meets or falls below all Federal and State lead restrictions, including the State of California which has the most stringent guidelines for lead content.

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