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Saskatchewan and surrounding areas

SYNLawn® Saskatchewan is the premier SYNLawn® artificial landscape systems integrator in the Saskatoon, SK area. Our professional staff is here to help you with all of your residential and commercial landscaping needs.

SYNLawn offers and provides the best-known brand and installation of synthetic turf products. SYNLawn Saskatchewan has been in the business of retailing the various sought after artificial turf products as well as providing the highest level of certified installation practices required. It is our commitment to suit each and every individual customer need. Over the last five years we have serviced both residential as well as commercial application, in turn have received feedback from the various groups describing their positive experience with both the products and services we are known for.

SYNLawn Saskatchewan is and continues to be directly involved in the evolution of the products that are manufactured to fulfill the needs of our diverse Saskatchewan climate. SYNLawn® is of the purest and finest turf companies in North America. SYNLawn® products are manufactured with the sustainability of our environment; allowing us to be recognized across the country as “GREEN.” Dealing with our manufacturer directly allows us to understand the process of design and finished product in order to educate the customer accordingly; ensuring they are getting what they are paying for.

Customers need to keep in mind that there are two main factors when considering the synthetic alternative. First off, it is important the customers receive the right product for their application. SYNLawn® offers and provides education in both 100% Nylon products as well as our Poly-Nylon blends. SYNLawn® products are all specified accordingly, allowing the customer to know exactly what they are purchasing with no hidden variables. Secondly, it is as important to understand the installation processes involved in making your ideas become reality. Installation is detailed and performed accordingly to manufacturer specifications ensuring the products perform as they are intended.

Here at SYNLawn Saskatchewan we pride ourselves on our dedication and experience to both the products and the installation process. We hope to provide you with all the necessary tools in order to make the best-educated decision when choosing artificial grass. Our dedication is not only to our products and installation, but for those who choose to do a self-installation, we also provide detailed instructions; that if followed step by step, will yield the expected positive outcome.

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