To whom it may concern,

I have been in the lawn and garden business for over 40 years starting in 1964 installing landscape projects for my dad as a young teen. I’ve seen many changes over the years in plant choices, growing methods, design and environmental concerns. There is a clear movement today just about everywhere, towards gardening with consideration for our water resources as well as a movement towards fewer maintenance concerns. There has not been any decline however in the desire for beautiful well kept lawns and gardens. With new plant material and soil science information we can now have fabulous flowers, shrubs and trees in our landscapes that are hardy, drought tolerant and beautiful. On the other hand our lawn areas remain the largest consumers of water and for the most part we are not even physically using these areas, we only have them to create green space between the planting beds. Front yards in particular are only walked on when weekly maintenance is being performed but we all know there is nothing more pleasing and cooling than a nice healthy bit of lawn setting off the landscape. As a diehard gardener I did not consider anything such as synthetic turf to be an option until a few years ago after discovering SYNLawn. This advanced system of synthetic lawn products is the answer for many of the requirements described above. It requires no water, weeds are virtually eliminated, there is no maintenance such as cutting or edging and it is truly beautiful. I am now recommending it to many of my customers who share these concerns and suggest you should see the fabulous showroom and have all your questions answered.


Don Burnett – “The Garden Expert”



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