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The SYNLawn® collections of synthetic grass

SYNZoysia Collection

The latest offering from SYNLawn®; the SYNZoysia collection. A great choice when searching for an artificial grass with a soft feel under your feet. The softness of the polypropylene blades is combined with a diamond blade yarn technology manufactured that delivers a durable, resilient and realistic looking grass. SYNZoysia is perfect for backyard areas where young children may be playing or if you spend leisure time in your yard with low to medium traffic.

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SYNTipede Collection

The SYNTipede collection is a result of a revolutionary design breakthroughs in hybrid synthetic grass construction. SYNTipede products combine the best features of realistic appearance, beautifully blended colors, soft-to-the-touch feel, superior resiliency and the latest in yarn technology. Manufactured using horseshoe shaped blades providing greater resiliency, low surface temperatures and the best performance in a durable artificial grass landscape product with warranties up to 10 years. SYNTipede products are recommended for virtually any landscape, pet or playground application imaginable.

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SYNFescue Collection

The SYNFescue collection offers a variety of artificial landscape grass products available in multiple weights, heights and realistic colors. The ultimate lush landscape can be achieved with any of the SYNFescue styes which use a combination of polyethylene monofilament for its soft feel and texturized nylon for its thatch structure. Manufactured using a rigid horseshoe shaped blade construction, the polyethylene fibers provide lasting durability, greater resiliency and low surface temperatures so close to the feel of natural grass, you may have a hard time being able to tell the difference.

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SYNRye Collection

Like SYNFescue, the SYNRye collection is constructed of 100% nylon blades, modified slightly to offer a tighter, more random appearance. Using a light brown thatch in the root zone to further enhance its realistic appearance, SYNRye carries a manufacturer-backed warranty of 12 years for a landscape that will look beautiful for years to come. Ideal for high traffic, play areas, pet areas and sloped landscapes SYNRye is soft to the touch with ultimate durability and resiliency.

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SYNBermuda Collection

For the perfect manicured lawn, the SYNBermuda collection offers soft 100% nylon products providing high resiliency and performance with warranties up to 12 years. SYNBermuda artificial grass products are ideal for landscape applications for high foot traffic and pet applications with multiple dogs. The integration of SYNLawn’s exclusive HeatBock Technology reduces surface temperatures up to 20%.

The store is currently down for maintenance. We'll be back soon!

2 Responses to Artificial Grass Products

  1. Henry Wanotch says:

    I was wanting a quote on our front lawn. I see that you charge $10-12 per square foot. I want to know how the area is preped for the synlawn. One area is 34′ x 16′ and another is 6′ x 22′. I would like to do the most I can to prep before it is done. Thank You.

  2. Cyril Augustin says:

    I am interested in a small patch of lawn for my dog who seems o love crapping on my Persian rug. How much would just a 4X4 piece cost. I don’t need installation since I am just going to use it on the side of our house.

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